Until you see it, you don’t know. And when you do see it, it requires days or weeks and special effort just to get your mind around it.

The human capacity for love is limitless, and so is our capacity for cruelty. We are tasked daily with making a choice in how we regard and treat each other.

Those who have the job of caring for His most damaged and compromised children are laboring under pressures the rest of us cannot begin to comprehend.

They need special amounts of love coming back at them, or they will fail under the pressure. When these folks fail, the results can be catastrophic. Because the work they do resonates throughout the families and loved ones of their patients, the ripple can become a tsunami.

I’ve seen nurses, doctors, and others in psychiatric facilities refuse to treat seriously physically injured patients.

I’ve seen patients drugged into docility for weeks at a time.

I’ve seen patients ganged up on and abused by staff.

I’ve seen dementia patients pointed and laughed at by groups of nurses aides.

What happened to these aides and others? Didn’t they go into the business to help people?

OR, is it just like the priesthood and other positions offering unfettered access to a victim pool? Did they decide to become mental health nurses, aides, and doctors solely in order to subjugate and abuse the helpless?

Because there is NOTHING as helpless as a mental health in-patient without resources. They can do anything they want to you, and you don’t even have an attorney to complain to about it. The emergency numbers on the wall in the facility are almost comically useless, seemingly a message from the State that you have no help coming, no one cares at all, now shut your mouth and take it.

This will not stand, not ever.

If you are actively abusing patients in your care, GET OUT.

Go. Now.

I assure you, you do not want to stand in and face what’s coming. The public has limited patience for those who abuse the helpless, and they will lose their minds when they understand what you’ve done.

Apologize to God for what you’ve done, try to look for the gifts he’s given you, and work with me to end this situation.

Otherwise…may He have mercy on your soul.